Darrick Frost
Character type: Human, Master, Magus
Affiliation: None
Gender: Male
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 42
Blood type: O
Place of Origin: America
Likes: Coffee
Dislikes: Noise
Talents: none in particular

"I drink this, not because I'm tired. It's more of a habit,"

Darrick Frost is an orphan who lost both his parents in the previous Holy Grail War. He participated in the current Holy Grail War after he accidentally summoned Caster (Harpist).

Profile Edit

Background Edit

Before the events of Fate/ Harp String, Darrick is a quiet guy who prefer the company of no one (A loner), and constantly irritating his classmate by ignoring them. In his studies, Darrick is good at History, but fails his Maths. He hates to make decisions when there seems to be more than 2 choices. Every morning, he would make a cup of coffee and drink half of it before going for a jog around his neighborhood, only to return later and finish the other half. Darrick had learned how to take care of himself and cleans his house every few days.

Darrick also suffered from Amnesia caused by Trauma. When he told Caster that he has no memory of his life before his parents passed away, Caster offered to recover his memories via her music magecraft. Although the effect of her spell does not surface immediately, Darrick slowly regain his lost memory throughout the war, occasionally having flashbacks and uncontrolled emotion when it happens.

Through Caster's effort to recover his memory, he remembers his early training as a magus and manage to utilize his Magic Crest better in battle. As his family magecraft is Ice, Darrick spends a lot of time in his kitchen practicing with ice cubes from his fridge.

Appearance Edit

Darrick has unkempt black hair as he rarely cares about it. Darrick doesn't care about the color of the shirt he wears, but he will never wear anything pink.

Personality Edit

As seen above, Darrick usually does not care about a lot of things around him. But when it comes down to the things he cared, he will become absolutely stubborn. Usually quiet and rarely speak to others, he slowly change throughout the course of the Holy Grail War. He admitted to Vent, Ellie and Caster that he had never spoken that much to others before. Darrick rarely smile or laugh, and the only times he changes expression is when he is confused, surprised or bored. He is addicted to coffee and could not get his spirits up without a cup of it everyday.