Rider (The Dark Dragoon)
Character type: Servant
Gender: Female
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 47
Place of Origin: Rivenbrandt
Armament: Spear
Dislikes: Cowards

Rider is the Rider-class servant of Darrick Frost. Originally summoned by Cecilia Chevsky, she later become one of Darrick's servants.

Profile Edit

Identity Edit

Her identity is Forte, The Dark Dragoon, the leader of the dragoons that haunts Valeria. She is strong-headed, feisty, and an all-around tsundere. Despite her thirst for challenging opponent, she is actually kind-hearted inside. Her Noble Phantasm is Black Wyrm. She uses two heavy-looking spears as weapons.

Appearance Edit

Rider always appear in a black dress under a chest plate, with two pieces of metal on both sides of her head to protect her horns. While in combat, she wears gauntlets that cover from her elbows to her hands. Despite looking like an average teenager, she is very strong, being able to pull a driver out from his car and toss him onto a tree. After Darrick and Caster took her out for a shopping trip, she wears casual clothes to disguise herself and stays materialized. Caster picked the clothes for her she was always seen in a combat jacket matched with jeans. When outside, she would wear a cap to hide her horns.

Personality Edit

Rider is a tsundere. She hates being humiliated. Because of this, she is often a target of Vent's teasing. She is also kindhearted. Knowing that Darrick needs more than just a Magic Crest to win the war, she volunteered to teach him how to fight. Also knowing that they cannot defeat Lancer (Storm) easily, she sacrificed herself by letting Lancer hit her and stopped him from moving, giving Berserker (Marionette) the opportunity to defeat him.

Abilities Edit

Rider is a fierce fighter, always yearning for a strong match. Her skills are:

  • Battle Continuation. This can be proved when Lancer (Storm) impaled her with his spear, piercing her heart. Instead of dying, she can still grab at Lancer and hold him from getting away, calling Berserker to defeat him.
  • Superhuman Strength. Forte's constant attacks will suddenly increase by strength for a duration due to having demonic blood in her, yet her past is unknown.
  • Eye of The Mind (True). She is capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament.
  • Charisma. Natural talent to command an army. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. A rare talent. It is said that a rank of B in this skill is sufficient to lead a nation as its King.
  • Riding. Expertise to ride animals and vehicles.

Her Noble Phantasms is Black Wyrm.